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It's all about the questions.

At Allegis Partners, we go deeper. We ask challenging, thought-provoking questions.

Our Approach

Great questions can be disruptive. We investigate—and help reframe—the assumptions driving talent needs. We identify linkages between strategy, talent and execution. Clients tell us we’re great listeners. They appreciate our questions. They applaud our ability to capture the nuances of their strategic talent needs.

Probing questions lead to actionable conclusions—sometimes not the ones we expect. Our authenticity builds trust. From this foundation, we design a customized search plan—and then deliver. 

Some search firms claim that data-driven processes lead them precisely to the right executive. In reality, humans rarely fit neatly into data categories. We use data tools extensively to build the right candidate pool. But AI won’t find your next CEO, CFO or CHRO. Our diligence, experience, and the probing questions of our candidate interviews will place the most appropriate and culturally aligned leaders at your company.

We understand—and empower—the human side of capital.

Global Reach

  • Our global network becomes yours. We offer ready-access to the world’s top senior leaders, human resources professionals and board members.
  • We are right-sized. Large enough to bring the world to your fingertips. Small enough to avoid the conflicts of interest prevalent at other search firms.

Unparalleled Execution

  • Every member of your search team is a seasoned search professional.
  • Our rigorous, proprietary vetting process ensures that clients and candidates alike are satisfied and successful in their new partnership.
  • Once the new leader is in the role, we provide expert onboarding guidance to further guarantee your satisfaction.

Shared Interest

Allegis Partners believes in shared interest. Our performance-based fee builds a genuine, aligned partnership, centered on client goals.  Success for the client drives our collective success.

Allegis Partners is an Allegis Group company, the global leader in talent solutions, and a sister company to Major, Lindsey & Africa.