A Rising Talent & Culture Leader for a Fast-Growth Start-Up

Mynd Property Managementis a full-service, results-oriented property management company committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. Their team of on-the-ground experts and technology combine to boost efficiencies for property owners and improve the rental living experience for residents.

One of Mynd’s key investors, Lightspeed Venture Partners, introduced John K. Anderson/Allegis Partners to Mynd’s leadership team.  Together, they partnered to find a strategic-minded and operationally focused Talent & Culture leader.  Key focus areas for the role were one’s ability to manage rapid growth through acquisition and organic hiring, coupled with the ability to build scalable people programs to support Mynd’s rapid growth and development. 

The Mynd team selected Maria Lovi as their first Vice President, Talent & Culture.  Reporting directly to Doug Brien, CEO, Maria will leverage her 15 years of experience implementing scalable people and talent programs in both large, small and distributed environments.  In addition to her set of experiences, Maria brings passion, humility, and a sense of purpose making her the ideal person to help grow and develop Mynd’s team and advance the company’s mission and vision.

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