Jack Kennedy, CEO of Platform Science, an innovative IoT fleet management technology company, retained Allegis Partners to find a People Operations executive with deep strategy and business experience.

Jack and CFO Tony Smolek provided insight into the organization and its needs. “We had a lot of challenges that we were trying to solve with one person. We described our philosophy, our world view, the maturity of the candidate we were looking for, and the responsibilities we expect a CPO to handle. Any C-level hire can destroy your business if you do it wrong, so we gave John a tight filter and he got it exactly right,” explained Jack.

Allegis Partners presented a handful of candidates within a matter of days. One particular candidate, Heather Ramirez, immediately stood out as the ideal candidate. She brought strong experience, a passion for diversity, a growth mindset and a true partnership approach that was very appealing to Jack. Knowing that she would be the perfect fit for the team, Jack partnered with John to develop a compelling strategy to bring her to Platform Science. Originally the role was planned as a VP, People, but they realized that Heather was more C-level and swiftly developed an attractive plan centered around her scope of responsibility and impact, a mandate around diversity, and the opportunity to quickly scale the team. Heather was considering another great startup company, so Platform Science did everything in their power to show her how she could make a huge impact on their mission. Jack spoke to Heather while he was traveling, while at tradeshows, and on the weekend. They traded ideas on how to build the company and that early pre-start relationship was the key to building trust.

Jack relied heavily on John and Allegis Partners’ experience to guide the Platform Science team and Heather through the offer process. Jack further explained, “John guided us well on what was important to the candidate, letting us know what it was going to take to get her excited about the role and what mattered most to her, so we could win her over quickly.”

Since joining the company, feedback about Platform’s newest CPO could not be more positive — “Heather is exactly what we were looking for. She’s been through a lot of activity and growth, yet she came in and asserted herself in ways I didn’t have to ask her to do,” Jack shared. 

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