Benny Buller, Founder and CEO of Velo3D, a rapidly scaling 3D printing technology company, and their venture talent partner, Marissa Huang at Playground Global, retained John K. Anderson and Allegis Partners to help them find a Head of Talent to lead their talent strategy. 

The profile was a talent acquisition leader with significant scale experience and a desire to grow their people operations experience. Velo3D was embarking on massive growth after signing a SPAC deal with Jaws Spitfire. “Previously, we had grown 10% a month and hired a lot of people when we were a company of just 30, but we had never grown 10% a month as a company of 200 employees—that’s a different scenario when you have that many employees,” Benny shared. “Our team was super stretched and faced with an extremely tight candidate market, so we wanted someone who had been there and knew how to recruit and build teams properly.”

John and the Allegis Partners team discussed the exact candidate profile with Benny and walked through Velo3D’s short- and long-term goals for the company and this role. “John’s process aligned with my expectations. He took an agile, iterative approach, which was important to me because we were learning about the candidates in the market as we went along, and were able to adjust our expectations and the role requirements quickly to match the market,” explained Benny.

Even within a narrow identifiable market, Allegis Partners presented a diverse slate of candidates who had extensive recruiting experience but were also well positioned to grow into a People Operations Executive. The successful candidate, Elizabeth Downer, possessed the desired experience and personal values to be the right partner to Benny and the executive leadership team. After meeting Elizabeth, Benny knew he found the right person.  Elizabeth accepted the role of Vice President, People and Talent, and since joining Velo3D, she has made a significant impact on the company’s mission, objectives, and execution strategy. 

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