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Human Resources Leaders in the Corporate Boardroom

The Premise

The last several years have seen a historic level of disruption in the business world, with extraordinary implications for business leaders. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the function of corporate Human Resources. As a leading Human Resources executive search firm, we are in continuous, daily conversations with CEOs, HR leaders, and public company board directors. Never before has the impact of Human Resources and the role of CHRO been under such intense scrutiny. It should not be surprising then, that there has been a dramatic increase in HR representation on public company boards over this same period.

Since Allegis Partners’ landmark 2017 study, “The Chief Human Resources Officer, An Underutilized Resource for Corporate Boards,” conducted in collaboration with the National Academy of Human Resources and other partners, we have witnessed - and now documented - an increase of 300% in HR leader appointments to public company boards. To bring a broader range of experience and expertise, as well as additional gender and ethnic diversity into the boardroom, many public company boards have widened their director search processes.