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Actions speak louder than words.

Over the past 5 years, more than 70% of our board placements are diverse.

Never before have CEOs and boards been required to serve so many stakeholders—company shareholders, employees, customers, activist investors, regulators, proxy advisors and the general public. Today’s marketplace simply demands more from high-performing CEOs and boards.

Our consultants have decades of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with CEOs and board leaders to improve governance practices and build high-performing boards. We are intimately familiar with the qualities CEOs and board members must embody to meet current marketplace demands, and to build successful and enduring enterprises. We have a strong appreciation of how the dynamics between the CEO and board impact the performance of the board—and the entire organization. We are equally experienced in supporting startups or leading global organizations.

We have a strong focus on accelerating diversity at the top of the organization and in the boardroom.

Allegis Partners is a proud partner of the Directors Academy, a national not-for-profit dedicated to developing and advancing the next generation of diverse board members and future board leaders.

Our diversity-first Board Services practice delivers a deep pool of powerful and diverse candidates for every search. Our unique access to next generation leaders helps position corporate governance for future success. 

We provide a high-touch, bespoke search experience. We are communicative, proactive and nuanced in our understanding of client needs. Our rigorous, systematic board assessment and development process has been utilized by Fortune 500 companies, emerging growth businesses and leading not-for-profit organizations to accelerate their governance performance.

Our Board Services team has a proven track record in the following areas:

  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Onboarding and Assimilation
  • IPO Board Development
  • Board Leadership Development
  • Board Assessment and Refreshment
  • Board Member Search, Onboarding and Assimilation
  • Merger Integration Governance Planning

Backed by the vast resources of the Allegis Group suite of companies, Allegis Partners is ideally positioned to help define future governance requirements, identify next generation leaders, and integrate the world's best talent into your company.

We know great leadership—and we know great leaders.