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  • Allegis Partners Executive Search Advancing Women in the Workforce through Bold Action March 08, 2017
    Bold action can change the way and the speed at which the world progresses forward. Each International Women’s Day, the world is challenged with looking at gender equality in the workplace and exploring ways to better balance the scales.
  • Mark Streifer Beyond the Board: Succession Risk Should Be All-Inclusive December 27, 2016

    HR plays a key role in paving the avenues to an honest and robust succession framework.

  • Bob Lambert, Human Resources Practice The Reality of Talent Risk July 08, 2016

    I will always recall a particular meeting with a corporate CEO. After describing an upcoming merger plan, the CEO said, “I hope we have the talent to pull this off.” I thought, after a merger, a company might arguably have more talent than needed. The CEO clarified, “It is never about the quantity of talent, it is always about the quality.”

  • Sarah Hays, Executive Search Recruiter Attorney on Board (of Directors) June 16, 2016

    Lawyers have not been the traditional choice to serve on boards of directors. Instead of selecting someone with general counsel or other legal experience, the financial acumen and strategic management experience more typical of CEOs have been the default preference for corporate governance. But an emerging school of thought is beginning to change that.

  • Sarah Hays, Executive Search Recruiter Pre-IPO Companies Face Talent Imperatives April 25, 2016

    For private companies that have an IPO on the horizon as a potential capitalization strategy, it is important to put in place a strong board of directors and executive team.

Results 1 - 5 of 15


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