Talent Partners Announces Integration with U.S.-Based Boutique to Begin Building Global Executive Search Firm

New York, NY - (April 13, 2015) – U.S.-based executive search firm Allegis Partners, headquartered in New York City, will be joining with Australia-based firm Talent Partners, headquartered in Sydney, to become a truly global provider for their clients’ executive search needs. The combined company will provide talent management and acquisition solutions for the entire C-suite, delivering deep expertise across a myriad of industries and functions.

“Integration of the Talent Partners and the Allegis Partners brands is a natural fit. Allegis Partners works with many companies who are looking for a search provider with global reach and resources. It makes sense to add broader capabilities for those clients that want a seamless solution from one provider that can offer deep relationships and varied experiences globally,” said Simon Robinson, President of Allegis Partners. “This coming-together also provides a wider scope of services to Talent Partners’ clients, as it connects them with our parent company, Allegis Group, a global provider of the full spectrum of human capital and workforce solutions for organizations of all sizes.”

As of April 1, 2015, Allegis Partners and Talent Partners will combine to build the executive search arm of the Allegis Group, Inc. family of companies. At that time, Talent Partners will begin operating under the Allegis Partners name. Allegis Group is one of the world’s largest and most accomplished staffing & recruiting organizations. With revenues over US$10b, 15,000 employees and 350 offices in every region of the world, they tap global relationships, research capability, referral networks and resources to provide clients with the right solution – whether it is local, regional or global in scale.

About Allegis Partners
Allegis Partners is a premier board and C-suite executive search firm that provides professional services across a wide selection of industries, with particular expertise in Financial Services& Insurance, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Technology and Human Resources. Allegis Partners goes to the global market with a boutique approach matching deep skill, knowledge and capability. Supported by the resources and personnel of its parent company—Allegis Group—one of the top-rated global human capital organizations, Allegis Partners provides clients the undivided attention they deserve. To learn more about Allegis Partners, visit www.allegis-partners.com.

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